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Becoming a successful businessman is just one of the impressive recognitions Benito Keh has on his resume. He provides doses of motivation and inspiration to individuals by showing his strong work ethic, great attention to detail, self-discipline, and immense determination to accomplish his aims. He has also helped many people achieve business success.

As a philanthropist who understands just how difficult it is to break out in the entrepreneurial scene, Benito Keh hopes to inspire others to reach greater heights of success for themselves. With the knowledge and skills he’s learned over time, he hopes to pass on his own success to the next generation of dreamers.

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How an Entrepreneur Should Prioritize Tasks

November 23, 2022

How should an entrepreneur prioritize tasks? Consolidate your tasks in one list. Set overarching SMART goals. Determine what’s important vs. what’s urgent. Find the balance between focused and flexible. Influence…[Read More]


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October 7, 2022


6 Common Misconceptions About Entrepreneurship

October 5, 2022