4 Components Of A Good Vision Statement For Your Business

4 Components Of A Good Vision Statement For Your Business

December 28, 2021

What are the components of a good vision statement?

  1. Conciseness
  2. Clarity
  3. Future-Oriented
  4. Desirability

The significance of a vision statement is often overlooked in businesses. Large companies all have vision statements, but it does not carry as much meaning and importance as it once has. Your vision for your company is what drives it forward and what gives your employees a sense of purpose. The components of a good vision statement should bring out the passion that you have, and maintain that even as you grow as a company.

The best time to create a vision statement is when you’re a startup. Having a clear vision from the get-go is good for your company’s morale and overall productivity. As a leader, you have to ensure that your vision statement will endure the test of time, and will act as a beacon of inspiration for your employees and for yourself.

To help you achieve that goal, here are the ingredients for a good vision statement.


The best vision statements are brief but memorable. By choosing your words carefully and keeping the vision statement concise, it will be easy to communicate to employees. A quick one-sentence vision statement is too short while making it longer than three sentences will become difficult to remember. The ideal length for a vision should be around 20-35 words, or two to three sentences long.



A good vision statement unites the entire company to work for a singular goal. Your vision statement needs to inspire, so you should craft it to be as clear as possible. Avoid beating around the bush — create a clear image through your vision statement of what you want your business to be in the future.

Also, use words that can easily be understood. Steer clear of buzz words or terminologies — if your vision is worth working toward, it can be expressed in simple language.


A vision statement is meant to remind you of what you want your company to become. It should be focused on the future, and not on what you are now. You can consider your vision statement as your desired outcome for the company in the long term.



To inspire your employees, you need to make your vision something desirable. It should reflect the fundamental aspects of your company and what you embody. Your identity as a business must be reflected by your vision. To give you an example, here is the vision statement of Pfizer:

“To be the world’s most valued company to patients, customers, colleagues, investors, business partners, and the communities where we work and live.”

It is a desirable outcome for a pharmaceutical company, and it also matches the other items on this list. A vision statement such as this will be memorable and inspiring for its employees.

Key Takeaway

Listing the components of a good vision statement is helpful in your beginnings as a company, but you must remember that your main goal is to unite and inspire. These components are good guidelines, but they are not laws that you cannot break at all. Stay true to what you want your company to be, and express it in the vision statement. Take a look at Disney’s vision statement:

“To make people happy.”

Despite being incredibly short, it is still a great vision statement. If you need more help in business and entrepreneurial matters, we can assist you! Benito T. Keh is an experienced businessman who has found it his calling to help other aspiring entrepreneurs to find their way in the industry. Feel free to contact him today!