6 Marketing Tips For Startups

6 Marketing Tips For Startups

April 21, 2021

What are some marketing tips for startups?

  1. Sell the benefit
  2. Cultivate a positive reputation
  3. Invest in referral programs
  4. Identify your niche market
  5. Utilize other marketing platforms
  6. Measure marketing results


Every business needs a way to build an audience for its products or services. Everyone wants more to gain more sales. But, the problem lies in how to obtain customers. When done right, following the best marketing tips for startups can result in an incredible boom in your brand loyalty and income.

Startup owners have to focus on whatever their business needs all the time — it can be difficult to get creative with marketing, especially if you’re not a natural salesperson. In the earliest stages of a startup, marketing is an investment spent on developing a product that customers need and it is also a growth amplifier. Put yourself on solid ground by following these 6 marketing tips for startups.

Sell The Benefit

Sell The Benefit

Selling your business is all about highlighting what sets your products or services apart from others. There are major ways to do that such as knowing how to price your product over competitors, providing better quality, or using a combination of both to offer better value for customers.

However, keep in mind that how you sell yourself is different from how you market yourself. Factual statements are not the reason why customers buy, the benefits are.

You can tell a customer how you provide the latest specs, but that does not translate to how you are going to improve the customer’s life. Being a business established decades ago means nothing to a prospective customer unless they know about features that can be translated into a benefit.

If you have a startup, you can translate factual states into benefits through convenience, time-saving capacities, easy access, immediacy, reliability, and needing fewer resources. These benefits will help you answer customer questions of “What’s in it for me?”.

Cultivate A Positive Reputation

According to a study, 87% of customers read reviews for businesses in 2020 — a significant increase from 81% in 2019. Due to the developments in technology, the internet allows customers to be more informed than ever during their buying process. Therefore, a poor reputation can impede marketing efforts. On the other hand, a positive reputation can help increase sales.

A few ways to cultivate a positive reputation is by asking customers for feedback and answering them. If you gather negative reviews, professionally address them and offer solutions. You can also ask for testimonials and post them on your web pages to showcase prospective clients of your product or services in a good light.

Invest In Referral Programs

Invest In Referral Programs

If you want to gain a huge following quickly, consider looking into referral marketing. Given that 92% of customers trust personal recommendations more than other forms of marketing, it is especially critical to capitalize on your first set of satisfied customers.

Referral marketing makes use of recommendations to grow your customer base through a network of existing customers. This technique takes on many forms, but at its heart, it is a basic tactic to get your loyal customers to spread positive word of mouth about your brand.

Referrals often happen organically, but referral marketing can also be done by identifying promoters and asking them if they know anyone who will benefit from your products or services. You can also incentivize customers to refer other potential customers.

Identify Your Niche Market

A common pitfall for startup owners is the belief that everyone is their target market. If you are trying to sell your products or services to everyone, you may fail to create valuable connections with repeating customers.

This is why it’s important to identify your niche market and tailor your marketing effort toward them. Speak to potential customers and understand their lifestyles or needs.

Utilize Other Marketing Platforms

Utilize Other Marketing Platforms

The marketing landscape has changed dramatically. Today, there are numerous social media platforms. Startups can utilize a bevy of online marketing techniques that are both effective and creative. You can try using video marketing, influencers, crowdsourcing, content marketing, or SEO in the Philippines.

Measure Marketing Results

Marketing efforts that cannot be measured are up for failure. You can spend money on advertisements, but how can you be sure what you spend on advertisements correlates with sales?

If you’re going to commit time and money to marketing efforts, make sure you can measure the results. Set up ways to track sale conversions from your marketing. Toss out the ones that don’t generate sales and keep those that do.

Key Takeaway

While there are numerous marketing methods, focus on following effective marketing tips for startups. Starting a business can be challenging. However, investing in high-impact and cost-effective marketing methods can help set you up for success.

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