7 Unique Quirks of Filipino Entrepreneurs

7 Unique Quirks of Filipino Entrepreneurs

January 3, 2023

What are some unique quirks of Filipino entrepreneurs?

  1. They work hard.
  2. They are resilient.
  3. They’re optimistic.
  4. They have strong empathy.
  5. They leverage Pinoy pride.
  6. They are efficient.
  7. They are receptive to innovation.

Filipino entrepreneurs have been impressing both the local and international business scenes. They all possess a certain set of qualities that I have observed are uniquely Filipino, and which I believe are factors in their success. In this article, I put together a list of quirks Filipino entrepreneurs have that represent great moves toward success. Read on to know what these quirks are.

They work hard.

They work hard

When they love what they do, Filipinos are willing to work themselves to the bone. Passion runs in their veins and spurs them to keep going for what they love. They’re patient in achieving their goals and willing to work for as long as it takes.

They are resilient.

Not only are Filipinos willing to work for what they want, but they also don’t let obstacles in their way stop them. They keep going regardless of what comes and don’t give up easily. In the face of discrimination or prejudice, they are willing to fight for their rights to succeed.

They’re optimistic.

The average Filipino carries their own set of problems daily. However, whether it be obstacles at work or at home, Filipinos don’t like being dragged down by all the problems they are facing. Instead, we as a nation are very optimistic.

They have strong empathy.

They have strong empathy

Filipinos are quick to form connections with others. Always happy to relate to a fellowman, it’s no wonder our OFWs start such tight-knit communities abroad. In the context of business, we’re also very good at making friends and growing our networks because we genuinely like talking to people and getting to know them.

They leverage Pinoy pride.

Filipinos have a unique kind of patriotism that we call Pinoy pride. They have accumulated success in the local sphere and tend to have a sense of love for the country that can’t be beaten. Whether it’s by leveraging the Filipino language, customs, or habits, we make business opportunities out of our own culture.

They are efficient.

Filipinos are street-smart. Since they’ve had to hustle for most of their lives, they already know the ins and outs of working with others, achieving goals, and thriving in difficult climates. They’re also practical in the sense that there’s no-nonsense once an idea has stuck—they stick to the principles and the choices they make.

They are receptive to innovation.

Whether it’s trends or technology, Filipinos love trying new things. Every time we hear of something different in the market, we are quick to jump on it and see for ourselves if it works or benefits us. In the same way, we are quick to see opportunities where other people would see nothing at all.

Key Takeaway

Those were some of the unique quirks that Filipino entrepreneurs possess. If you have these qualities, you’re well on your way to running a business that will last. And if not, don’t worry! All virtues can be learned and practiced through experience in the field.

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